I'm a designer since 8 years old. Now that I'm 30, it means a career of 22 yrs lol!

Graphic & web designer

I was 8 when my father bought me a computer. It had one great software: PAINTBRUSH! OMG, right? I draw the flag of my country, back then. The green part of the flag looked like fake grass, I can tell you. It was something like #65f915.

That was the time when I started being curious about design. My parents had a small print shop and I helped them with business cards, paper invoices and logos some clients wanted to print.

Fast foward, I was 11 when Warner Bros launched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Next thing I did after watching that movie was asking my daddy to learn “how to make a website”. I wanted to have one about Harry Potter. He said: Go figure it out for yourself!

It was the best thing he could do for me. Those were the times when I learned the most. I learned a bit of HTML and CSS, I learned Photoshop and Illustrator. Then I went deeper. I learned graphic design. For real. The theory. The practice. I was 16, crazy about getting a job (and I did!). All because I wanted to have a website about Harry Potter. In the end it became my career and my passion.